A New Model of Digital Success

I’ve been examining various social media platforms as of late to study the factors of what can be considered the traits of success through modern, digital platforms and what it takes to cultivate those traits. Whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or even music sharing social services like Soundcloud, each platform has its own unique way of expressing ‘success’. Success can be distilled down to the ‘likes’, the ‘shares’, the number of Soundcloud plays a certain song may enjoy or even trending hashtags. All of these are measures of concentrated success, digital affirmations of a ‘well done’ concentrated into a single expression.

It’s fascinating to see just how much some power users are able to earn because of these symbols of success. From Twitch to Soundcloud, the number of plays, likes, comments and shares are all a part of a network of ‘micro-currency’, the social equivalent of word of mouth or a pat on the back the that lets other users know that they appreciate this content and they would like for others to see it as well. In turn this is able to create an income for those who have created this content and allow a measure of success to be found in the real world through monetary value.

It’s odd, to say the least, but fascinating that an individual is able to go onto the web through the social media platform of his or her choice and be able to return a profit through the content that they create. Of course, said individual must be able to reach out to the community and gain a certain popularity before being able to create an income for themselves. Thousands of people are doing it daily so it is clearly within the grasp of anyone who has the drive and the will to do so.

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