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Prices for Selling Cars in San Diego

I need to sell this old car that I have soon. It has been a trooper over the years, but I just recently bought a new car and there isn’t really a good reason for me to keep both vehicles. I will miss my old car, to be sure, because we were together for the better part of a decade. I am going to have to sell my car in San Diego pretty soon. I do not really want to have to do this. But it is time to move on and besides, it is getting so old that I assume it is going to have mechanical issues down the line pretty soon.

I can’t afford to make repairs on the car, because I do not make enough money to do that. That is one of the reasons why I bought this new car. Read More…

A New Model of Digital Success

I’ve been examining various social media platforms as of late to study the factors of what can be considered the traits of success through modern, digital platforms and what it takes to cultivate those traits. Whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or even music sharing social services like Soundcloud, each platform has its own unique way of expressing ‘success’. Success can be distilled down to the ‘likes’, the ‘shares’, the number of Soundcloud plays a certain song may enjoy or even trending hashtags. All of these are measures of concentrated success, digital affirmations of a ‘well done’ concentrated into a single expression. Read More…

Started Thinking About a Sports Bar

I was talking to the guy from Cox Cable TV today and I was thinking about how hard it would be to set up a small sports bar. I am not thinking about doing one of those enormous places that are the size of a big box store. Instead I have my eye on this place that is now a disused laundry mat. It still has the washing machines and the driers in it and I might actually leave some of them in. The idea is something this guy I used know has done already. When I was in college I lived about three blocks from a place that was called something like Suds and Duds. It was a very simple idea. The college kids could go in there with their dirty clothes and drink beer while they were washing their clothes. Read More…

If You Want To, You Can Do It

I thought that when I was eighteen years old that I was going to move out of my parents house when I had my birthday party. I wanted to go and spend some more time with my boyfriend and my parents told me that they were going to not let me move out when I turned of legal age. I was going to be turning that age after I was going to be a graduate from high school so they could not say anything. I found http://www.westtownapts.com and they were going to be very affordable and it was going to be really easy for me to move in. I decided that I was going to go to college right away instead of moving out on my own. Read More…

Picking out Toys for Twin Girls

I don’t know very much about kids at all. I have never had any of my own, and none of my friends or siblings do either. That is why I was perplexed when my boss asked me to look at some toys that he could get for his twin daughters. I did not know the first thing about them, but he told me that they are typical kids. I don’t mind a good challenge, so I went to http://totaltoys.com, a website that sells all kinds of toys.

I was really happy that they had the toys sorted not only by gender but by age groups as well. His girls are four years old, so all I had to do was look at the toys that are designed for kids that are at least that old. When I was taken to the page of toys, I knew that I had hit the jackpot. Even though I don’t have kids of my own, I still had seen a lot of the different kinds of toys in advertisements. Read More…