Picking out Toys for Twin Girls

I don’t know very much about kids at all. I have never had any of my own, and none of my friends or siblings do either. That is why I was perplexed when my boss asked me to look at some toys that he could get for his twin daughters. I did not know the first thing about them, but he told me that they are typical kids. I don’t mind a good challenge, so I went to http://totaltoys.com, a website that sells all kinds of toys.

I was really happy that they had the toys sorted not only by gender but by age groups as well. His girls are four years old, so all I had to do was look at the toys that are designed for kids that are at least that old. When I was taken to the page of toys, I knew that I had hit the jackpot. Even though I don’t have kids of my own, I still had seen a lot of the different kinds of toys in advertisements. I even remembered some of them from when I was a kid myself, and that made me smile.

I had never played with Barbie dolls. I was into Matchbox cars and toy robots myself, but I didn’t think a typical girl would like those things. Instead, I looked at the dolls, and I had a feeling they would enjoy the Barbie dolls and toys. i also saw a Mickey Mouse game that looked like it would be entertaining for kids. I ended up getting them each a Barbie doll, a few accessories like a Fun Kitchen set and a car, and then the Mickey Mouse game. I must have done a good job in picking these out because he told me that I will be picking out their Christmas gifts as well!

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