Started Thinking About a Sports Bar

I was talking to the guy from Cox Cable TV today and I was thinking about how hard it would be to set up a small sports bar. I am not thinking about doing one of those enormous places that are the size of a big box store. Instead I have my eye on this place that is now a disused laundry mat. It still has the washing machines and the driers in it and I might actually leave some of them in. The idea is something this guy I used know has done already. When I was in college I lived about three blocks from a place that was called something like Suds and Duds. It was a very simple idea. The college kids could go in there with their dirty clothes and drink beer while they were washing their clothes. Of course a lot of the college kids did not pay for cable tv and so you would get a lot of them come in to watch sports on tv.

I knew the guy that ran this place. He was a sharp guy and it worked out pretty well for him. The set up in this spot is pretty similar. The building is nice and large with plenty of room for the bar and the tv sets. There is a college campus, but that is not all roses. I am pretty sure that the college might try to buy the place out from under me. They would probably be interested in flattening this building though. It is probably worth about as much to them as a parking lot as it would be for me as a bar and laundry mat. I do not know what sort of arrangements you need to make to show sports in this sort of format though.

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